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Community Education & Outreach—

  • providing prevention education to various community groups (schools, service organizations, professional groups, churches, etc).
  • planning & coordinating outreach events to raise awareness of domestic violence.


The Lazarus Project—

  • nonjudgmental, scripturally-based support on a confidential basis to alleviate the unique sense of isolation experienced by Christian victims & survivors of domestic violence.
  • referrals to community resources as necessary.
  • training to churches and pastoral staff reconciling the spiritual and practical issues when domestic violence occurs in their congregations.


Community Development—

working collaboratively with community partners throughout the Silicon Valley area to advance a coordinated effort to provide prevention services at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels.






Customized training on issues of domestic violence to meet the specific needs of your group. (For example, the training needs on issues of domestic violence for court reporters and clerks would differ significantly from the needs of community mental health providers or from school officials or educators.)


Program Development & Evaluation Services—

Program planning, project management, grant writing, staff management, and budget development, and evaluation services for community partners.


Legislative Analysis & Policy Advocacy—

In-depth analysis of past, pending, or proposed legislation on domestic violence services to best approximate impact and potential unintended adverse consequences on victims and community services. Working with community partners on drafting new legislation to bring about necessary changes in policy and funding relative to domestic violence issues.


Media Relations—

Public relations strategies; Communication plans; planning media campaigns on prevention messages; press releases, feature articles and Opinion pieces to strategically highlight local events in light of preventing domestic violence.



Assessments on community needs and assets, gaps in community services, field-testing of potential outreach messages. Meta-analyses of literature on specific areas of interest within areas of domestic violence; partnering with community members on original research topics.


Risk Management & Proactive Planning Services—

Consultation with local businesses and organizations to determine their potential risk exposure due to workplace violence resulting from domestic disputes; developing customized prevention plans and information dissemination plans; development of training recommendations for employees, supervisors and management to comply with Cal-OSHA recommendations.


“The Ripple Effect has given me an awareness I never had of the whole area of domestic abuse. Itís also given me a source for information I can share with others.”

—a community member
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“The Ripple Effect is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence. We believe that everyone deserves a life free from abuse.”


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