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Frequently Asked Questions



What is The Lazarus Project?


The Lazarus Project is the intervention arm of The Ripple Effect. The Lazarus Project serves as a resource to both the Christian community, and to the community at large, to provide accurate information about domestic abuse and family violence from a Christian perspective. The Lazarus Project works in conjunction with local domestic violence agencies, other service providers, and church communities on issues of domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, and incest.



Why is The Lazarus Project necessary?


The Christian community has, many times, been characterized as a closed community, in that Christians generally want to seek support from other Christians. For a person from a Judeo- Christian background, the church is usually the first place they’ll go to when they have experienced abuse. However, many Christian abuse victims from have not found the support they needed from the church. Many, instead, have found judgment in their time of need.


Finally, a resource that is available that is knowledgeable about both the issues and the scriptures. Founded by a survivor with almost 30 years in Christian ministry, and 20 years in domestic violence work, The Lazarus Project is able to bridge the religious, psychological and sociological realities of abuse.



What does The Lazarus Project believe in?

  • the infallibility of scripture
  • accountability for the abuser
  • the restoration of faith and hope for the victim
  • the power of the Almighty God to heal, no matter how deep the wounds



What is the purpose of The Lazarus Project?

A unique Christian ministry, The Lazarus Project is not evangelistic in nature, but seeks to restore the faith and hope of Christian victims and survivors of family violence, which is often damaged following abuse. The Lazarus Project is available to respond to incidents of abuse within a congregation, to do preventive education with youth organizations and adults, and provides nonjudgmental support to Christian victims and survivors of family violence.



The Lazarus Project current endeavors

  • a compilation of scriptural readings on abuse (in development)
  • Christian battered women’s support group curriculum (in development)
  • Christian batterer’s intervention program curriculum (in planning stages)
  • Christian domestic violence advocates training curriculum (in development)
  • Clergy workshops on responding to domestic violence
  • Training for schools of ministry to prepare future pastors and church leaders
  • A resource manual for church leaders on responding to domestic violence within their congregations (in development)


“It’s so hard for people who haven't been abused to understand those who have. I and others, undoubtedly, often go through needless isolation and unjust mental self-condemnation for lack of support and knowledge.”

—a former client
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“The Ripple Effect is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence. We believe that everyone deserves a life free from abuse.”


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