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Domestic Violence 101

  • the dynamics of domestic violence
  • tactics of control used by abusers
  • the six types of abuse
  • how the Church can come alongside victims
  • myths and stereotypes of domestic violence in the Christian Church
  • cultural and religious issues regarding abuse
  • do’s and don’ts for clergy and lay leaders
  • community resources for abusers and victims

Please allow 1 ½ - 2 hours, to allow for discussion and questions.



Religious perspectives on Domestic violence

Utilizing Broken Vows, an award-winning 2-part video by the Faith Trust Institute, this presentation presents the conflict between religious beliefs and the realities of domestic violence.

  • Part One features stories of survivors from various religious traditions;
  • Part Two describes how the Church can support and serve victims struggling with abuse.

Please allow 1½ - 2 hours for each part, to allow for discussion and questions.


Surviving Family Violence—a survivor’s perspective
(½ hour-1 hours each)

Featuring powerful testimony from believers:

—a former missionary who became abused at the hands of her husband and survived his attempts to murder her;

—a former wife of an abusive minister

—a Christian adolescent raised in an alcoholic, abusive home (now an adult):

—a young Christian victim of incest, (now an adult)

—a child abuse survivor who found Christ in a foster home.

Each presentation tells the story of the redeeming love of Christ, the power of the scriptures, and the ability of our Savior to save to the uttermost. Can be combined with either of the above two presentations for a full-day pastoral or lay staff training.



Healthy Relationships –information about sex, love and abuse from the Word (for teens and young adults)

Utilizing the award-winning 6-part video series by the Faith Trust Institute, Love—All that & More, this presentation reaches junior high, high school and college-age youth with the skills to promote healthy relationships, awareness of abusive relationships, and the God-given design for sex and intimate relationships from a Christian perspective. Appropriate for church-based youth-groups or Christian schools; can be adapted for public schools or civic organizations.



Equipping the Church: Straight Talk on Domestic Violence

A series of 4 half-day workshops for faith communities

  • DV101 – Overview of the issue of domestic violence within the church
  • DV102 – Focusing on the victims
  • DV103 - Focusing on the abusers
  • DV104 - Focusing on the children

Designed to reach any level of involvement from the janitor to the senior pastor, to one who attends church only occasionally.


The Heart Of God Concerning Abuse

Three-hour presentation designed for Bible college or schools of ministry, training for biblical counselors.



“The Ripple Effect means peace to me, a sense of restoring of self and others. It means using the effect of domestic violence and its ripple effect of what it really does to families and community out to the public awareness to end the perceptions of violence.”

—a community member
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“The Ripple Effect is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence. We believe that everyone deserves a life free from abuse.”


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